As your tyres are the only contact that your car has with the road, it is vital that they are kept in the best possible condition.  Any defect, however small can significantly affect the cars safety, handling and efficiency.  We supply the best in tyre maintenance including compressors, pumps, tyre pressure gauges, depth gauges, trolley jacks, ramps and even valve caps.  We stock Ring, Streetwize, Slime and many more brands.  We also have emergency tyre care products.  If you have a puncture, are your prepared?  Many cars don’t have spare wheels now so we can help.  We stock Holts Tyreweld which is specifically designed to get you back on the road should you experience a puncture.  We also have the Slime and Compressor Kits for you to carry in case of any emergency.

Damaged Wheels

We all know how easy it is to curb those alloy wheels! Well we have the best products to fix them.  The Alloy Wheel repair kit for scuff marks, dents and scratches is a kit that you can use to improve their appearance.  We also stock spray paint in steel wheel and alloy wheel lacquer.

Looking after your wheels

We stock a comprehensive range of cleaning products to clean and protect your wheels.   We have products for Steel, Alloy or Chrome wheels. For cleaning your wheels we have the very best cleaners from Wonder Wheels, Autoglym, Wynns, Muc Off, Greased Lightning, Car Plan etc.
Once you’ve cleaned your wheels, why not protect them from the brake dust building back up. We stock various alloy wheel protectors; Armorall, Rim Wax from Smart Wax and Autoglym these will provide a protective coating to stop that brake dust biting back in.

Wheel Trims

You can give your car a complete new look just by adding new wheel trims.  From styles that look like alloy wheels with studs, plain or spoked ones or deep dish. These are all on display in store.

Finding Your Wheel Size

Find the markings on your tyre like the ones shown above

R14 on the above example shows you will need 14 inch wheel trims.