Looking for a quality and reliable electric bike at an economical price?  Our latest range of electric bikes are adding a new dimension to cycling activities, you can view the full range at  electricbikesclitheroe.co.uk

You can choose an electric bike with easy step through, a cross frame or a folding one.  So you can enjoy the benefits of owning an electric bike, whether you are already a regular cyclist or contemplating taking up cycling for the first time.  Automotion sell bikes to suit all the family and as a Thule Partner we stock a wide range of options for you to carry your cycles on your vehicle.

Why buy an electric bike?

  • A chance to get fitter
  • Cheap to run
  • Enjoy the cyclist's shortcuts through the park, or along the canal path
  • Power assisted pedalling for ease on hills etc
  • Ability to dress more appropriately, with less exertion, and less sweat
  • Fun, quiet and easy to ride

The biggest secret that electric bikers enjoy is liberation.  You spend most of your working hours sat at a desk, in your car, or on the bus or train - stuck inside!   This will enable you to exercise and enjoy the outdoors for commuting or leisure time.

Why Shop Local?

  • You visit a physical show room
  • You get personal service with excellent after care
  • You get friendly, helpful advice
  • You get choices
  • You can take a test drive

Call in and speak to our friendly staff and take a test ride.