Want to improve the performance of your car?  Then use the correct oil to provide maximum efficiency and power.

Keep your car running in top condition and reduce emissions.  We provide a range of petrol and diesel injectors, which are formulated to clean up dirty injectors and inlet valves. If you need a diesel additive, fuel injector, engine cleaner or engine flush, we will be able to help you.  Petrol and diesel additives work to ensure all parts are moving, giving the max performance for your engine.

We offer a wide range of the highest quality oils and additives from the leading manufacturers, designed to protect your engine, gearbox and diff's. 

We stock a range of Castrol and Mobil1 Oils along with Technolube.

Other Oils

We also stock a comprehensive range of Gearbox Oil, Power Steering Fluid and Brake Fluid, many are universal products but some can be car specific.   Just like engine oils, it is really important that the correct fluid is used and topped up to ensure the vehicle engine works efficiently.  Automotion can help you find the correct product for your car.


Fuel treatments and additives keep modern engines in good condition to give the best performance by improving fuel quality, reducing emissions and improving reliability.
Fuel additives:

  • Clean the fuel system and restore injector efficiency
  • Remove combustion deposits
  • Help clean emissions control system components
  • Lubricate the fuel system and combustion area
  • Protect against chemical or biological contamination
  • Preserve fuel and offer cold weather protection
  • Improve the quality of combustion (catalyst)

The above direct actions may or may not result in:

  • Increase in power and torque
  • Increase in fuel economy
  • Smoother running engine
  • Smoother idle
  • Reduced exhaust emissions
  • Less mechanical vibration or noise

We stock all kinds of products for diesel additives, petrol additives, egr cleaner, dpf cleaner, catalytic converter cleaner, injector cleaner, Radweld, KSeal, Steel Seal, Clean Drive, Speed Flush, Engine Flush, Stop Smoke etc.  We keep STP, Redex, Cataclean, Rhino, Comma, Wynns, Holts, Kalimex to name a few. 

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